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Welcome! St. Leon is home to approximately 678 people and several businesses in the greater Cincinnati area. The community is accessible by Interstate 74, State Road 1, and State Road 46. To find out more about the Town, please call the Town Hall or click on one of the links provided on this website.

Contact Information

7282 Church Lane
West Harrison, IN 47060

Town Hall: (812) 576-5368 
Permits: (812) 537-8821
Official Documents                                 
 Comprehensive Plan (Existing)
 Zoning Ordinance        Zoning Map         
Subdivision Control Ordinance

St. Leon Town Directory:
Andy Bischoff, Town Council
Jerry Stenger, Town Council
Rick Stenger, Town Council
Randy Stenger, Clerk-Treasurer
John Watson, Town Attorney
Cliff Bischoff, Redevelopment Commission & Plan Commission
Charlie Werner, Park Board

Bill Wendt, Town Marshall  (1998-Present)

Pat Boyd, Town Office Staff
Mark McCormack, Planning Director
Derek Walker, Assistant Planner

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Permit Applications:
Major Plot Plan Packet (House)
Minor Plot Plan Packet (Accessory Use)
Site Plan Review

Comprehensive Plan Update:

Public Open House @ the Post 464 Legion
Saturday, August 18th, 10am-12pm

2018 DRAFT Vision, Goals, & Policies
Existing Land Use Map
Public Comment Forms